• Image of Road

Long before Kerouac enticed a generation of Beatniks westward across an unknown America, the Road has occupied a mythic place in the Western imagination, between obligation and adventure, between truth and fantasy, between youth and young manhood.

Semioticians may argue that the road leads nowhere, that the Road itself is the destination, and it's perhaps this theme that Beesley explores most deeply. His images trace an unknown timeline to an unknown destination, where Dane appears only as a tall shadow. There's an honesty, a quest for truth, perhaps a naiveté in the images reminiscent of cinéma vérité that captures the adolescent wanderlust it seeks to document.

Beesley imagines the Road romanticised by Dylan, Frost and Wolfe and captures small moments and big cars invested with meaning.

50 pages
210 x 260
Hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN: 978-0-646-58254-2